Fundraising Plan

The following is a specifically designed plan for donating to your fundraising page.  In order for your campaign to be a success, you will need to promote it, as you are the most passionate about this cause – and it can be infectious.

Key to success

The key to raising money for this campaign is to get as many people visiting your unique fundraising page.

The page must encourage them to either donate, register or spread the word about your project or event/challenge.  It’s all about a conversation!

Key Activities

Here are some key activities to help you raise funds for your campaign:

  • Make creative and consistent Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updates
  • Email your supporters (friends, family, colleagues)

Guide to posting on social media

Here are some recommendations to help you with social media.

Use a photo or image to represent the campaign and cause that you want people to support.

  • Use images that people from your page will like and share. The more likes and shares you get, the more people will click through to your page.
  • Ensure the photo links to your fundraising page.
  • Use to shorten your fundraising page link.
  • Thank your donors on social media for their donation, as this will prompt others to donate!

E-mail to Supporters

Step by step guide to email to your supporters

  • Copy and paste the email below into your normal email marketing software.
  • Fill in the areas in red.
  • Add a suitable image.
  • Distribute it to your email database audiences.

E-mail Subject: Help me reach my [project/event] fundraising target!

Hi [Insert Name]

As you may already know, I am a massive supporter of Landcare. I am [raising funds for a project/participating in an event/participating in a challenge] called [Insert Event Name].

[Insert a paragraph on why you are doing this project/event challenge and why it is important for the area – keep it to 100 words or less]

This is why I need your help.

Your donation can give me the boost I need to reach my fundraising target for this [project/event/challenge], a cause that is so close to my heart.

I have set a target of $[Insert your target amount] and I need your help to reach it. Your donation will get me over the finish line and help [insert Landcare group name] in achieving their objectives.

Simply click the link below to view my fundraising page and make a donation:

[Insert your fundraising page URL]

You will automatically receive a receipt for your wonderful donation.

Thanks for your support!

[Your name]