Your fundraising checklist

Before your event/challenge

Make sure you:

  • Know what fundraiser you will be doing.
  • Have read the below and understand your responsibilities.
  • Have registered and received an authority to fundraise from Landcare Australia.

After your event

It’s really important to thank all of your supporters!

Please send funds and paperwork back to Landcare Australia within 2-3 weeks of your fundraiser to ensure you receive all your funds in a timely manner.

Getting Started

These are your fundraising guidelines to make sure your fundraiser is successful and that it meets Australian fundraising legislation.

As a fundraiser, you will need to know our terms and conditions and you MUST register your fundraiser with Landcare Australia.

Hosting your event

Whether it’s a morning tea, a sausage sizzle, or a team picnic, you will need to register your event on our online platform.

Registration only takes a couple minutes. We ask you for:

  • The event organiser’s details
  • The location of your event
  • What your event is
  • Date of your event.

Landcare Australia’s fundraising team will respond to your submission within 2-3 business days.

We may decline your event/challenge if we feel that:

  • Your event doesn’t support the mission and values of Landcare Australia
  • Your event is considered high risk.

Please note, Landcare Australia reserves the right to decline or withdraw approval of the activity at any time.

Your responsibilities

The planning and implementation of your approved fundraising event is the sole responsibility of the fundraiser. The fundraising event must be conducted in the name of the fundraiser, with Landcare Australia identified as the auspice (to gain access to our DGR policy).

The fundraiser(s) are not employees or agents of Landcare Australia, nor are they acting in any other representative capacity.

Landcare Australia does not take any responsibility in the coordination of your fundraising event, nor can its employees assist in sourcing prizes, venues, organising publicity, providing goods, services or financial assistance to the fundraiser in the running of the event.

Your fundraising event will NOT be covered by Landcare Australia’s public liability insurance. Depending on the nature of your event, Landcare Australia may advise that you consider sourcing your own insurance, or holding your fundraising event at a location that is already covered by public liability insurance.

In all circumstances, ensuring adequate insurance is the responsibility of the event organiser. If Landcare Australia has cause to believe that a proposed fundraising event is risky or dangerous, we may request proof that public liability insurance cover is in place.

The use of Landcare Australia’s brand, name and logo

The fundraising event is not a Landcare Australia event and the use of the Landcare Australia name and logo for your fundraising event is not to be used unless you have been given approval from the fundraising team.

Managing the money

Responsibility of managing the funds raised rests entirely with the fundraiser, and needs to comply with the applicable fundraising legislation in your state or territory.

Fundraising legislation is in place to protect the interests of the public. It’s important that you:

  • Keep accurate financial records and copies of receipts and invoices. A receipt template can be provided on request once your event is approved. All expenses are the fundraiser’s responsibility, but can be deducted from the proceeds of the event.
  • Transfer any funds through your fundraising page or to the Landcare Australia fundraising account, clearly stating your event name on the description for our reconciliation. All funds can be deposited to:

Landcare Australia

BSB: 032 090

Account No: 574847

* You must email so that they can keep track   of your funds raised.

Legal requirements

As a fundraiser, you are required to comply with all necessary fundraising legislation in your state or territory.

Before you start your fundraiser, you must sign Landcare Australia’s Authority to Fundraise form.

If you are running a raffle or a food stall, you will need to check within your state what licenses you may require, get public liability insurance, or permits. It is your responsibility to ensure the event complies with all legislation.

As a fundraiser, it’s very important to provide a safe environment, free from hazards that may cause injury or illness. It is recommended that you undertake a risk assessment of your event by developing a checklist and ensuring there is a strategy is in place if there is any risk involved with your event.

Have fun!

Now it’s time to organise your fundraiser.

Good luck!