Secure the future of the Superb Parrot

Secure the future of the Superb Parrot

Buy a Keep Cup and Secure the future of the Superb Parrot

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The Superb Parrots are one of Australia’s most beautiful birds. With a bright green colour and a long narrow tail and distinctive call, they are now classified as vulnerable on the endangered species list. 

It is now estimated that there are less than 5,000 breeding pairs left in the wild and they need your support!

We are raising funds by selling our special Saving Our Superb Parrot KeepCup for a $24 donation. The funds raised will go towards contributing to the work of the Saving our Superb Parrot Consortium to protect and restore their habitat.

The Superb Parrot is the faunal emblem of the Boorowa township and much work has done to raise the awareness, but there is still so much to do!

Many parts of the community and landholders are unaware of the importance of protecting the habitat for these species and many other species on their properties and it’s up to us to make a difference.

Both living and dead trees are virtually important in rural landscapes for Superb Parrots, other threatened woodland birds and sustainable agricultural benefits. These trees take more than 100 years to develop hollow that are suitable breeding habitat for the Superb Parrot and other fauna. Once these are lost, it will take many human lifetimes to get them back!

A simple action of protecting what’s left and also planting trees for future generations is the number one action to help this beautiful parrot survive!

Today, you can get involved and make a difference by purchasing these special Superb Parrot KeepCups for just a $24 donation. Or if you would like to make just a donation for our group, just click on donate. All donations will make a difference to the future of the Superb Parrot.


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