Help Keep Henley Dunes Volunteers Working on Revegetation of the Beach Dunes

Help Keep Henley Dunes Volunteers Working on Revegetation of the Beach Dunes

We are a group of local volunteers with a shared passion to protect and preserve the dunes from Henley Square to the Torrens Outlet at Henley Beach, South Australia. Our goal is to raise $1500 so that we can continue our hard work in maintaining and restoring the biodiversity of our dunes. Your donations will go towards revegetation activities and community education which are vital to protect this precious ecosystem.

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In recent times our dunes have suffered as a result of severe weather, king tides, developments and human pressure. We are at high risk of permanent and irrevocable damage to our beach and dune system if we do not act now.

With an ongoing planting program we can revegetate our dunes. This revegetation work will help to stabilise the dunes and reduce erosion by controlling sand drift, as well as improving the biodiversity of this beautiful landscape.

It is important that we can install temporary fencing and signage around fragile revegetation areas. The temporary fences will help areas such as those with storm damage to recover, and will allow the new plants to establish. Signage can be used to provide information to the public about our work to restore the dune habitat and actions the public can take to help.

Our project can also provide opportunities for local school children to learn about their environment and participate in hands on activities on the dunes.

Our aim is to involve the local community and visitors through engaging and educating people about dune and beach preservation, management and health, so we can share our passion for caring for this vulnerable ecosystem and ensure its longevity.

Together we can help to ensure the long-term protection and preservation of our dune and beach ecosystem.

3 thoughts on “Help Keep Henley Dunes Volunteers Working on Revegetation of the Beach Dunes

  1. chile

    Thank yοu for sharing your thoughts. I trᥙly appreсiate your
    efforts and I am waiting for your fuгther write ups thanks once again.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry I am unable to help out working on the dunes but I hope this $$ contribution helps your groups great work on the dunes and beach – well done!

  3. Anonymous

    Revegetating the dunes is very important in that it supports biodiversity, protects against erosion and enables the dunes to provide greater protection against ocean surge.

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