Help us Save Victoria’s Threatened Species from Extinction!

Help us Save Victoria’s Threatened Species from Extinction!

Victoria's plants and animals are facing an extinction crisis with over 700 plants and animals listed as threatened. The Threatened Species Conservancy is an independent not-for-profit organisation saving Australia’s threatened flora and fauna from extinction. We are highly experienced threatened species ecologists who use specialised techniques to bring threatened species back from the brink.

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We need your help.

Climate change, habitat loss, disease, weeds and feral animals are driving many of Victoria’s plants and animals to the brink of extinction. Add to this, the devastating impact of the 2019 Victorian Bushfires and the future looks bleak.


The Threatened Species Conservancy can save these species from extinction.

Our skilled threatened species ecologists use their specialist knowledge and expertise to prevent extinction by:

·      designing recovery strategies to identify threats and plan recovery works;

·      surveying for threatened species;

·      assessing populations to identify causes of decline;

·      protecting populations from further declines by controlling threats;

·      monitoring the success of recovery efforts;

·      working with land managers to help threatened species to flourish on their land; and

·      raising awareness with the broader community about threatened species.


Your donation will support our vital programs to save Victoria’s threatened species.


OUR PROGRAMS 2019 / 2020

Rainforest Seed Conservation 

Aim: To collect seed from East Gippsland Rainforest communities to place in long-term cryogenic storage at the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Australian Plant Bank and safeguard them against climate change and bushfire.


Victorian Strategic Threatened Species Recovery Program

Aim: To develop recovery programs for non-iconic threatened flora and fauna in bushfire affected areas in East Gippsland.


Butterfly Community No. 1

Aim: To monitor Butterfly Community No. 1 through a citizen science program with the support of local residents in Central Victoria.


Additional Target Species

Fauna: Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo, Pink-tail Worm-lizard and the Spot-tailed Quoll.

Flora: Langi Ghiran Grevillea, Black Gum, Southern Shepherd’s Purse, Mount Cassell Grevillea, Grampians Bertya, Little Duck-orchid and the Grampians Bitter-pea.


Donations through this site are tax deductible.

Threatened Species Conservancy

Pictured above:

Pink-tail Worm-lizard (Aprasia parapulchella). Photo credit: Damien Michael.

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