Help Protect Bottlebend Reserve

Help Protect Bottlebend Reserve

Our local community group has been entrusted with the management of Bottlebend Reserve, previously managed by the NSW Government Crownlands Department. Bottlebend Reserve is rich with history and has a valuable ecosystem due to its unique soil structure, hydraulic system and streams that connect with the river. Our group is passionate about protecting this landscape because it is the first available point of contact to the river from the eastern end of the Shire where we can gain valuable insight into the operation of the Murray Darling basin.

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Our goal is to raise $5000 so that we can revitalise our reserve to become more visitor friendly and community engaging. Your donations will go towards constructing information boards and signage, as well as providing community education which are an essential foundation to the management of this historic forest.

A growing concern is misuse of the reserve which is creating human pressure on this vulnerable ecosystem. We need to take action now to prevent permanent damage to the forest, protecting the sensitive fauna and cultural material, maintaining tracks, and encouraging birds and other wildlife to continue being present in this area.

By providing information to our visitors about road conditions, contact details and the environment they are about to explore, we can ensure safe access and provide awareness of fragile areas and the long history the land and its traditional custodians can reveal. This will allow the native plants to establish and limit erosion within the reserve, protecting this beautiful landscape and link the present visitor to an ancient and profound landscape experience.

It is important that we create a comfortable learning environment where we can provide ongoing community education, partnering with local schools and indigenous land and water managers. This will allow us to share our passion in the history and significance of Bottlebend to the local Barkandji first nation peoples and continue to support the considerable scientific interest in the area.

Our project can also provide an opportunity for community engagement through supporting and assisting our hands-on environmental activities and wildlife surveys. We would like visitors to share their experiences of protecting the valuable flora and fauna within Bottlebend Reserve.

With your support we can take action to protect and manage this beautiful landscape so that it can be enjoyed by all ages for many years to come.

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