Free a Tree for the future of our local wildlife

Free a Tree for the future of our local wildlife

Help free a significant tree from olives today so our local wildlife still has a home tomorrow.

75.45% Raised
$7,545.00 donated of $10,000.00 goal
68 Donors
Campaign has ended
In 2017 John, a local long-term volunteer with the Friends of Black Hill & Morialta, noticed that a number of significant eucalyptus trees were stressed and dying in Black Hill Conservation park as olive trees surround them and compete for water and resources. “The devastation these olives are causing through our blue gum and red gum forests is just heart breaking. Significant eucalypts are 100’s of years old and their hollows provide a home to many of our native animals. The gum trees become stressed and if the olives are not removed these old giants die leaving many animals homeless or without a food source. I have killed many an olive in my time but there are now just too many of them for volunteers to remove them all in time to save these trees.” We are fundraising to be able to engage contractors to increase the number of trees we can save. It costs $100 to “free a tree” of olives around its base, $50 to clear 400m2 of the surrounding area of olives to remove the seed source and protect these trees long term. Our initial goal to raise $5000 was reached within one week of the campaign launch so we can save the most stressed trees right now, thank you so much! By popular request we have now increased our campaign limit to $10000 which will allow us to clear a further 2 hectares (or 5 World Cup sized football fields!) of olives completely. A donation of anything you can afford will help us make real change to secure the long term survival of these majestic trees. PLEASE DONATE NOW AND HELP US FREE THE TREES FOREVER! If you would like to learn more about the project please go to our website to read about the Free a Tree project. All donations are tax deductible. The Friends of Black Hill & Morialta Inc are a not-for-profit charity run entirely by volunteers and registered with the ACNC.      

Campaign Updates:

Monday 22/07

Our campaign is doing so well and we'd really like to thank everyone for their support. A bit less than 3 weeks to go now and we have achieved just over 70% of our goal, we are really hoping that with your help we can make that 100%! We shall be out on-site with contractors this week so they know what needs to be targeted first and they are ready to roll when the weather turns warm enough to treat olives again. Please share the word of this great campaign and help make a real difference!

Monday 08/07

Last weekend (just over 2 weeks in) the campaign hit 60% of its target. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated or shared this campaign! We do still have a bit of a way to go to hit our $10,000 target so please keep helping by spreading the word!


Friday 28/6

Oh my gosh, what wonderful news to share! We have reached our initial goal of $5000 to protect all the currently stressed significant trees in the project site within one week of launching our campaign. Thank you so much to every body who has contributed! We shall keep the campaign open as every donation will be spent on this project and with every further $50 raised we will be able to increase the total area of the project which will be protected long term by a further 400m2. What an incredible outcome for our native fauna!


Monday 24/6

Wow, a huge thank you to all those people who have supported the campaign already! Over 25% of our target reached in just 48 hours, that is just fantastic. Please share the campaign with your family and friends as the more people who know about it the more who may be able to help out. Thank you all.


21 thoughts on “Free a Tree for the future of our local wildlife

  1. Garth Wimbush

    Red and Blue, the mighty gums are long-lived and hardy, but this, this strangling from below, will overcome the once spreading boughs and inviting hollows, and many sentinels will be lost to the thirsty invader.

  2. Claire Moser

    In my early 20s I spent a lot of time walking around Morialta and Black Hill conservation parks, finding much needed headspace. I’d like to return the protection it gave me.

  3. Anonymous

    for a very worthwhile cause – while we can save them

  4. julie wilson

    Perhaps a Letter to the newspaper would draw this to attention

  5. Richard Brinkman

    My home of over 20 years shares a border with the Black Hill Conservation Park. Every day for over twenty years I have shared it with kangaroos and koalas, and other wild-life. Every time I stand and watch them I can do nothing but weep with my thoughts of how humankind is so uncaringly destroying these beautiful creatures and their environment.


  6. Anonymous

    I walk regularly in this area so I want the trees to remain for me and future generations to enjoy.

  7. Ann Taylor

    To save the gum trees

  8. Marina Walker

    Happy to contribute to save our local environment

  9. Richard Fassbender

    I have supported work at Ambers Gully for many years. It is important to conserve indigenous flora and fauna.

  10. Bec Brown

    Keep up the amazing work team!!

  11. Rupert and Helen Thorne

    Worthy cause

  12. Anonymous

    To preserve the natural environment

  13. Angelica Jermakow

    Happy to contribute to a great initiative

  14. Margaret Ferris

    Glad to help save our beautiful trees and animals in any way I can! Thanks

  15. Kylie Jarrett

    Such great news to hear we can get these funds together to poison lots of olives and save these amazing lovable trees.

  16. Shanelle Palmer

    Awesome work FoBHM 🙂

  17. Cleo Lykos

    Why is this not a government sponsored project?
    I am heartened that there are others who appreciate the value of our natural environment.

  18. Jack Pointon

    I believe in the passion and commitment of this group.

  19. Diana Hotchkis

    Wonderful work Liz Milner

  20. Kristy Dixon

    Spent many mornings, afternoons and evenings in this magical place. I hope through projects like this that others will enjoy it and learn about themselves and the world, as much as I amongst the gorgeous gums. A truly special corner of the world and a wonderful cause.

  21. Linda Driver

    thank you for the work you do!

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