Bloom Aid #Buy a Flower with Power – Australian Bushfires

Bloom Aid #Buy a Flower with Power – Australian Bushfires

We invite you to join Bloom Aid – a fast growing global movement supporting critical regeneration efforts for local land and habitats devastated in the aftermath of natural disasters. Bloom Aid spearheads fundraising campaigns around signature floral events of the year (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc) and directs donations to a charity leading regeneration-efforts in a disaster effected areas. This Valentine’s Day, Bloom Aid is supporting Landcare Australia in its bushfire recovery efforts. Jump on board and donate to our campaign #BuyAFlowerwithPower. Jump and give back to the land we care about – together we can make a difference.

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What Is Bloom Aid

An initiative created to harness the power of the global flower industry to support regeneration of native habitats in the aftermath of natural disasters – worldwide!

Every year, for each floral event of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, there will be a Bloom Aid fund raising campaign

The Bloom Aid campaign will target a native habitat under stress from a natural disaster. Funds raised will go to the charity leading the way in recovery and regeneration activities, for that habitat in that country.

Why Bloom Aid

Fleur McHarg, Australian-based acclaimed floral designer and events director with two internationally published books was called to act – locally, globally!

Like many, she was horrified by the scale and devastation of the Australian bushfires – seeing it as one example of the trauma facing native habitats around the world.

Fleur wanted to give back to the land – she had a big idea and saw the potential of the flower industry to make a huge impact.  And so Bloom Aid was born.  Since this seed concept a month ago, Bloom Aid has grown into a global movement.

Nature is so integral to the flower industry and its community.  Bloom Aid is a platform that represents and engages all elements of the global flower industry and its wider community.

What Is The First Campaign of Bloom Aid

2020 Valentines Campaign #Buy a Flower with Power – Australian Bushfires

On Valentine’s Day participating florists are donating $2 from every sale to Bloom Aid

Participating growers, distributors and studio florists are making a donation from their Valentine’s Day sales and events

The selected charity is Landcare Australia – bushfire impacted relief

100% of funds raised “Landcare Australia will be using the funds in their recovery activities in bushfire impacted areas to regenerate the land…” Dr Shane Norrish, CEO, Landcare Australia.  Landcare will provide donation information from this appeal to Bloom Aid.

Who Is On Board

Since its creation 4 weeks ago it has become a global movement

It keeps on growing, currently it has businesses signed up to Bloom Aid in Australia; America; New Zealand; Ireland …

Business leaders, creatives and celebrities are supporting and promoting it

Arnold Bloch Liebler, are providing pro bono support to establish the Bloom Aid Trust

The Advisory Board comprises of business, non-profit, community and florist industry leaders.


How To Be Involved

Businesses: register on the website

Spread the word, ask family and friends to #Buy a Flower with Power this Valentines Day from a Bloom Aid florist

Supporters and participants: follow Bloom Aid on facebook; Instagram @bloomaid. Share, tag, post a friendly comment

Who Is The Bloom Aid Team

Fleur McHarg, Founder: Australian based floral designer and events director with two internationally published books

Cherrie Miriklis-Pavlou, Founding Member: Owner of the industry leading Flowers Vasette, established 1980.

Friends of Bloom Aid include world renowed US design leaders and influencers Jose Villa and Mindy Rice – Bloom Aid thanks them for their support.

Together they gathered a group of passionate professionals to establish Bloom Aid and its first campaign Valentines 2020 #Buy a Flower with Power.

Bloom Aid Governance

It is being established as the Bloom Aid Trust (Public Ancillary Fund)

It has an Advisory Board of business, non profit, community and florist industry leaders

Its Directors and Advisors support the efforts of the Team

It takes the treatment of donations seriously and has the appropriate legal, regulatory and professional management structures and resources in place to ensure transparency and good governance.

The Future

This Valentine\’s Day is just the beginning.  At future flower events throughout the year (Mother\’s Day etc), Bloom Aid will invite us to band together across the world and across our industry (flower growers, distributors, studio florists and customers) to support habitat regeneration efforts in disaster effected areas.  Imagine what is possible if we work together for this land we care about – the possibilities are endless.


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6 thoughts on “Bloom Aid #Buy a Flower with Power – Australian Bushfires

  1. Rachel Higgins

    Thankyou to the Bloomaid gang for starting this flower power movement💚

  2. Anonymous

    Thank you @bloomaid for setting up #buyaflowerwithpower! In an industry that is built on and celebrates natures best, it has been our greatest pleasure to give back in this way. Fantastic initiative!

  3. Beth Saab

    wonderful initiative and I hope we can do more next year

  4. lynn jacobsen

    I am so proud to be able to contribute to the amazing work of fellow florists… huge congratulations to all of the Bloom Aid team for your drive, enthusiasm and dedication to making a difference. thank you xxx

  5. Anonymous

    The Borrowed Nursery completed 150 sales for the week and The Botanica Box 30. Thanks for organising this guys! 🙂 I’ve rounded up to $400

  6. Angela Poynton

    Flower power! Keep up the great work fellow flower family x

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