Balnarring to Bay Biolink and Koala Corridor

Revegetation to connect pockets of bushland from Balnarring to Coolart. A Koala Corridor.

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Help reconnect habitat and protect vulnerable species on the Mornington Peninsula!

More than 90% of original vegetation has been cleared on the Mornington Peninsula, and remaining pockets are disconnected. Please help the Merricks-Coolart Catchment Landcare Group create a corridor for koalas and other native species with a donation today.

To complete a wildlife corridor of 2.5 kilometres, our project will clear an area dominated by invasive pine trees and other weeds and revegetate it with local manna gums and indigenous species to create new habitat for native animals.

You can be part of the success of the Balnarring to the Bay Biolink, please make a donation and help support our community to protect vulnerable species today.

A new Biolink

Our revegetation plan has been developed by environmental experts to create new habitat suitable for koalas, with tree plantings including the Manna Gum and Narrow-leaved peppermint Gum. Important lower story flora plantings will provide habitat for small mammals, bird and insect species.

To make way for this project, 240 large invasive pine trees need to be cleared. These pine trees provide almost no habitat for native species, are extremely flammable in the event of bushfires, and are increasingly at risk of falling and causing injury or other damage as they age.

We need help

To revegetate the area from the Skate Park, passing the Balnarring Village Common, connecting to the Balbirooroo Wetlands and Woodlands, the MCC Landcare Group is raising funds necessary to clear the pines and prepare the area for planting. Revegetation on properties along the creek line to the bay will be continued.

The size and scale of the stand of pines to be removed makes this a big task for our community – we need to raise a further $80,000 to complete the project.

Progress so far …

Starting in July 2021 the first 40 pine trees were removed from the area behind the skate park, towards the Balnarring Village Common and Balbirooroo wetlands for the first stage of replanting. This was at a cost of $20,000.

It has taken well over than two years to get to this point. Many hours had been spent on working through the necessary council processes, and finally the Landcare Group was given a permit to undertake this project.

Now the remaining $80,000 to complete this exciting project must be raised so the work can continue to complete the corridor.

*** update October *** The Mornington Peninsula Council’s “Climate Action Grants” have been decided and we’ve been granted the maximum of $10,000

You can join us

This is an amazing community project, which will link and enhance providing habitat for our wonderful native fauna including koalas and enhance the area for local residents.

Balbirooroo Wetlands and Woodlands was a swampy paddock 25 years ago – look at what a community can achieve!

Please consider making a donation today. A $300 donation would buy 100 native plants. $500 would sponsor the removal of a giant, invasive pine!

Whether you’re a local or a visitor to the area, we’d love for you to get involved and support the project. You can help by:

       Donating and sharing this campaign on social media or via email to friends and contacts

       Joining our Landcare Group! Send an email to

       Planting with us! For volunteering opportunities, follow us at

We look forward to meeting you sometime, perhaps in the shade of a gum tree, which may even have a snoozing Koala or roosting Powerful Owl amongst the branches – all of which you will have helped make possible.

Please also see our Chuffed fundraising page. Total donations and grants are now $38,000

Thank you! 

It is a big project and it will have big benefits, now and into the future. Please donate.

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