Landcare Australia is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of all Australians actively caring for the land and water that sustain us. For over 25 years, Landcare Australia has worked collaboratively with federal, state and local governments, corporate partners and sponsors, and individuals, to build capacity for the Landcare community to better manage Australia’s crucial land and water assets.

Landcare Australia delivers hundreds of projects annually through the volunteer efforts of local community groups, Indigenous groups, and the more than 5,500 Landcare and Coastcare groups that make up the Landcare movement.

The Landcare movement developed officially in Australia in 1989 as a result of farmers and environmentalists uniting to care for our land and water. The groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella include Landcare, Junior Landcare, Coastcare, productive farming groups, ‘Friends of’, Bushcare, Rivercare, Dunecare and indigenous ranger groups. There are more than 5,500 groups within the network, 6,700 Junior Landcare groups, and 93% of farmers are active practitioners of Landcare.

Landcare groups are local, autonomous and largely volunteer run – this allows them to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently to emerging local landcare priorities with local solutions. Landcare Australia provides supporting services to this movement – it does not control, manage or formally represent the movement. Landcare Australia sits under the movement.

The Landcare movement has retained its ‘bottom up’ philosophy despite its size and multiple national bodies. Landcare is resilient because it is community led and responds to emerging issues with local solutions. In this way, Landcare has remained a relevant and important part of communities and of caring for our land and water Australia-wide for almost 30 years.

Landcare has become the biggest environmental management movement in the country, and over 20 countries have now adopted the Landcare model that was developed here in Australia.